Meet Caitlynn

My name is Caitlynn Brown and I have worked in the Cosmetology and Wedding industries since 2016. It is my mission to bring joy to my clients whether it's through hair and makeup or accessorizing. I love helping my clients feel their best by enhancing their natural self and teaching them how to optimize their beauty routine at home.

My career has taken me to almost every corner of the USA from New York City Fashion week working backstage as lead hair and makeup for Neon Cowboys, to the Bahamas and Hawaii for destination weddings. Florida is such a perfect place for destination weddings and I am so blessed to live where others vacation. I started working as a receptionist for a hair and nail salon where I learned how to handle the books and inner workings while I was in cosmetology school. When I graduated I began work as a hairstylist in Ocala where I worked my way up for years until I was able to open my own private suite where I happily reside today.

I aim to create a tranquil atmosphere where my clients can come relax and unwind. The thing I love about my job is that it is always changing and I get to build long lasting relationships with my lovely customers. Trends come and go and I always get a chance to play and be creative. I see most of my clients more than I get to see some of my family and there's nothing like experiencing growth and change with my dear guests. Whether I am touching up someones roots or styling them for their wedding day, I will take it seriously. I believe there is power in how you present yourself to the world and it brings me true happiness helping others feel and look their best.

It is my mission to bring joy and happiness to my clients whether it's through hair and makeup or accessorizing. I've created this store to adorn all you little birdies with the hottest accessories for every season!

- Caitlynn Brown

The Reviews

Caitlynn is Awesome!

She makes you feel comfortable and I received literally the best haircut I've ever had in my life. I am so happy with it! Not to mention she teaches you everything you need to know so that you can take care of and style your hair at home. I'm so happy with it even a couple weeks later :)